Saturday, December 10th, 2022

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own party — of the best deal available, taking into account the positions of various members. It’s also one he expects to be able to get them to agree on.
At about $1.8 trillion, it is half the size of the $3.5-trillion package he’d been pitching through the summer and early fall. Yet in historical terms, it remains a massive transformation of the U.S. welfare state. It would extend the child-tax credits that have been sending “baby bonus”-style cheques to parents and which Biden claims has halved child poverty. It would fund universal pre-kindergarten programs and subsidize daycare. It would expand Obamacare. It would expand senior citizens’ Medicare government health insurance to include hearing coverage. And it would spend $550 million on climate-change programs, mostly investments in green energy, among other measures that target affordable housing, education, equity, and immigration reform. It would be paid for by surtaxes on the rich and a minimum tax on corporations, without incurring new debt or increasing taxes on the middle and working classes.
Paired with the roughly $1 trillion infrastructure plan on which he got some measure of bipartisan support — and which is seen as the necessary other half of this plan by most members of Congress — it would be a historically massive expansion in government programs and spending, especially in light of Biden passing a COVID-19 rescue plan worth almost $2 trillion in the spring
So, $4.75 trillion in new spending plans in one calendar year? That’s a lot. But it’s less than Biden had hoped for — and what his progressive members had wanted — in some pretty noteworthy ways. His promise to provide paid parental leave for new parents — like almost every other major country in the world does — is out. Free tuition for community college is out. Medicare dental and vision coverage is out. Bringing down drug prices by letting Medicare negotiate with pharmaceutical companies — perhaps the single most popular item in his original proposal — is out. The climate-change measures are all carrots and no sticks, as all the punitive measures against big polluters are gone, as is the proposed billionaire wealth tax.
But the most concerning thing for those hoping to see these measures passed is that the new framework still isn’t a done deal. It is yet another starting point from which negotiations will proceed. The Republicans in Congress are united against Biden — their opposition, no matter what form the final deal takes, is written in stone. Right now, Biden is hoping to unite his own party behind him. And hasn’t got there yet.
It appears that while his last-minute announcement and visit to Congress — and his address to the nation — before he went off to meet other world leaders was dressed up as a victory speech, it was more of a plea to his fellow Democrats. “This agenda, the agenda that’s in these bills, is what 81 million Americans voted for,” Biden said in his televised speech. “So let’s get this done.”

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As he boarded a plane for Rome, members of Congress were still talking about good progress but remaining noncommittal on closing the deal. Biden had told them his presidency was on the line. By the time he gets back from Europe next week, he’ll know how they responded.
Longtime Atlanta news anchor Jovita Moore has died after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. She was 53.

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