Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

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Dr. Korkmaz says Stabilwerk Bau is the first construction company in the world to accept credit tokens as payment
for services. As he explains, Stabilwerk Credits, which run on the BSV blockchain, offer his clients the chance to
pay the company in fiat in exchange for credit tokens. The incentive for those who choose this payment option is to
receive a 10 percent reduction in cost. In addition, Dr. Korkmaz, says Stabilwerk Bau plans to “tokenize the entire
relationship among the actors of construction projects,” to provide for a smoother, swifter and more efficientcommunication process.
Also in the pipeline is the P2P software company he has founded, to offer blockchain solutions to the construction
industry and others. Dr. Korkmaz plans to produce an app that will connect clients to general contractors and general
contractors to subcontractors within an area. The app, which will work exclusively with Bitcoin SV, will be made available to users worldwide.
To know more about Stabilwerk Credit tokens and Dr Korkmaz’s P2P software, check out CoinGeek Conversations podcast here:
“You’ll be able to send BSV pretty much anywhere on the internet, any web pages, any social media platform, as long as you
see a Paymail address somewhere. So if you see a Paymail address on, say, a Medium post, then the extension will highlight
the Paymail and from there you’ll be able to send money directly with just one click.”
PeerSend is a kind of identity management system which Jeff hopes will eliminate the inefficiencies of today’s internet
where users need to register separately with each business. It would mean, he says, that platforms don’t ‘own you’ as they
do now. With PeerSend, all those separate relationships could be “merged together into a single identity and single cash
system.” Jeff’s vision is of a seamless online experience where you only have to give your identity and financial details
once, for use across the internet: “It’s not bound to a currency or country or platform or anything like that.”
So how is that going to work in practice, when it comes to Amazon, for instance, where Jeff says you’ll be able to buy
things without even registering for an Amazon account?
“When you submit your home address at PeerSend, then we’ll create a Buy button on the product that you see on Amazon
or eBay, and then you click to purchase it. Then we will take care of the currency conversion and order on behalf of
you so that Amazon can deliver the product that you just bought.”
Jeff’s Peer Technologies is based in Seoul, South Korea, and has eight staff now. His current projects are just the
start of his ambitions. He also has plans to build a BSV browser: “unless Bitcoin has its own browser that is
fundamentally different from the existing browsers and has a money layer built in, it’s very difficult for Bitcoin to succeed.”

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