Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Needy Older Guy Dating Hot Younger Girl With Daddy Issues

How to date a hot younger girl with daddy issues if you are a needy older guy she likes.
In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a fifty-one year old viewer who is dating a hot twenty-one year old girl. They met while working together. She came from a broken home without a strong father figure. Initially, he encouraged her to date men her own age, but this just made her pursue him harder.
Things started going sideways when he caught feelings for her and tried locking her down. She started lying and became distant. He admits he was needy and asks what he should do now. My comments are in bold italics like this below in the body of his email.
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If you’re going to date or interact with women like this, you have to have a certain type of mindset, and obviously his mindset is totally wrong. You can tell he’s seeking her attention and validation and trying to lock her down. And all that does is push her away. And then when he backs off, she tends to come forward towards him again. And so, with women like this, I wouldn’t advise getting into a long-term exclusive relationship. They’re more suited for a friends with benefits, open relationship type of thing. And really, this guy needs a mindset change.
I’ve been getting a lot of emails about this particular topic, lately. And as an older guy, obviously, I like younger women as well, but especially women like this that didn’t come from a strong background or they didn’t have a strong father figure, they came from a broken home, you just have to see reality as it is — not better than it is or worse than it is, but as it is. Because if you don’t, you’re going to suffer. And when you don’t accept reality as it is, you suffer and it’s totally unnecessary.
So, this guy can have a lot of fun. He was married for 20 years, got divorced and he’s just really creating unnecessary problems and drama for himself. Because he could have this woman totally eating out of his hand, her being submissive, playful, treating him like gold. But instead, he’s a lot of times acting like a woman.

You’re either savage or your average. And let’s be real, I say this stat a lot, but 74% of American males are either obese or overweight. And if you just work out and exercise and weight train and eat a good diet, like me, my body, I’m physically fit. I look good, and the size of my body, I look like a really good, in-shape teenager. And that has its advantages, because almost 100% the dudes that are my age, they look like hell, especially the people I went to high school with, some of my best, closest friends. I love them, they’re the coolest guys, most loyal friends in the world, but they’re obese and they don’t take care of themselves, or are extremely overweight.
So, if you just take care of your body, it’s going to radically change your options on how often you get noticed. And the reality is, men and women both, people just don’t care about taking care of themselves. When I look at my second book, Mastering Yourself, all the things I talk about, health and juicing and the smoothies, most people won’t do it. And when you look at the number of views on those particular videos, most people just don’t care. They’re not interested in it, and they won’t do it.
I have friends that you can look at — even with Gracie and Chunky, all of the videos we did with the 30-Day Challenge, even them — they’re all like “This stuff is amazing and helps me feel amazing,” but yet they still won’t do it. And that’s the reality. Same thing with my family. My dad, I’ve been on him for years. He’s just lazy, he doesn’t care. It is what it is. Even some of my closest friends, same thing. They do it for a while. They did the smoothies, they lost weight, they got in shape, they looked amazing, they felt amazing. But over time, they just kind of went back to the way that they were. They didn’t maintain it.
And you know what’s interesting about that figure “3%”? everybody’s like, “Where does that 3% come from?” We did a video the other day, Jennifer and I were filming in Dominick’s office and we were doing an interview. I think it was last year, he was at a function where he met a woman that was the manager at one of those weight loss type of things that you see advertised on TV, where you buy your food through them and everything. And so, he’s like, “What percentage of people lose weight?” And she says, “One hundred percent.” He says, “Okay. Well after a year, what percentage of them keep the weight off?” And you know what the number is, 2–3%.

With direct response advertising, if you’re selling something, 2–3% of the people tend to buy. The same thing if you’re looking at an ad campaign, the click through rates, it’s 2–3% on average on a lot of things. For whatever reason, typically the best of the best is about the top 3% in the world. And that’s where “3% Man” came from. And so, if you’re watching this, you’re one of those people that is striving to be a 3%’er. And if you do all of the things to take care of yourself and take care of your body, you’re going to eliminate most of your competition. That makes things really easy. Why not make things easy for yourself?
But I know the reality is the majority of people watching this just won’t do those things. They’re like, “Corey, I just want to get laid. I don’t care about taking care of my body.” Whatever. That’s the unfortunate reality of the world we live in. Because, when you look at Tom Brady, who has seven Super Bowl rings, he looks amazing, he feels amazing. He wants to play until he’s fifty, at this point. And if he keeps taking care of his body like he does and eating that alkaline based type diet like I do, I see no reason not to, unless he has some kind of major injury. But because of all the pliability and the flexibility he has, when he gets hit at an awkward angle, his body has so much flexibility, things don’t break.
I learned a lot of this in network chiropractic care. When you have a lot of flexibility in your nervous system and your spine, you can tolerate all kinds of physical, emotional and mental stresses, and things don’t break. When you see professional athletes continually get injured, they keep injuring the same leg, the same appendage, over and over, it’s because there’s not enough flexibility in the system, because there’s too much tension in the nervous system. But again, most people won’t do that.
So, I highly encourage you, even though I know most of you probably won’t, to check out the videos that I’ve done, especially the interview series where Gracie’s interviewed Dr. Dominick D’Anna of BeSimplyWell.com, and you could see the change in her. When you look at the Consciousness Exercises, Exercises 1–12, which you can see on YouTube, you’ll see her at the first video versus the twelfth video, and she looks like a different person. Her physiology and her body language is completely different, and you could see that. It works, but most people won’t do it. And so, if you’re a high achiever, if you want to be in the top 3%, you’ve got to do the work.

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