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Human Resources

Human resource is a department within a company where all personnel-related issues are handled. There is some important role of human resources like keeping a good relationship with employee, compensation and payroll, training and development of the employee, recruiting proper and reliable employee etc. Human resource has a critical role in shaping company culture and a positive environment for employees.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Human Resources Department

There are numerous responsibilities of the human resources department. Here are the key responsibilities we have in a brief.

Recruitment and staffing:

The important role of any Human resources department is to recruit an employee who is capable of a specific position. The human resource department should know about the company’s vacant position and recruit reliable manpower who can fill the void. For recruitment, they need to attract the right person through different sources like advertisements, emails etc.


Once in life we have been a new employee for a company. There are only a few who get settled easily. Many new employees struggle to connect with the company. There is where the human resources department comes in. They need to help new employees to get into company culture and processes like how they work. They need to help employees to get settled in their new roles.

Employee relations:

There are employees who don’t have a proper relationship with the company due to different reasons. One employee doesn’t have proper communication with another or has conflicts which will eventually affect the company in the end. Human resources should know about this and help employees to get connected to the company. They should be able to analyze and help resolve conflicts. HR should also handle employee complaints and ensure a positive work environment.

Benefits administration:

Many companies have started benefits administration programs when they include programs like health insurance, retirement plans and paid time off for their employees. This is one of the main reasons, companies that have such service for employees have reliable and loyal manpower. Human resources should look after this thing. They need to create plans like such which are beneficial for both company and the employee.

Training and development:

There are always new things to learn. As the world is growing rapidly and market trends are changing frequently, people are slow to keep up with it. One of the best things the human resource department can do is a plan and implement training programs to help employees grow and develop. It is not only in a particular field but also for their lives and careers. This will help employees to have successful careers.

Compensation and payroll:

There are companies that don’t pay their employees on time. They frequently delay the payment process. This has been a serious issue for many employees worldwide. If you want your employees to work efficiently for you then the company should pay well and pay on time. Delaying the payment process will affect employees and it will eventually affect the company at last.

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