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How to make money with PTCs

Who knows if you’ve ever come across one of these insurance sites that promise to pay you just by visiting advertisements. They are called PTC and are probably one of the hardest ways to make money on the Internet.

The PTC (Paid to click) are in fact sites that pay registered users to click on certain advertisements, respond to surveys, or carry out activities.

There are many and some have been online for a very long time, while others are much more recent.

They allow you to earn small amounts that grow and can become considerable if you can create a network of people who work for you and in turn click and if you become a premium user.

But let’s see which are the best sites and how to make money with PTCs

In this article

  • What are the best-paying PTCs?
  • How can you collect the money?
  • How can earnings be increased?
  • Conclusions

What are the best-paying PTCs?

First of all, I want to tell you that I too have just entered this sector and I remain a bit skeptical because I share your perplexity about the fact that especially at the beginning they earn crumbs.

However, since I have read about some who earn well and love to experiment, I decided to start working on them.

I have chosen two PTC sites, which are the ones that are the most popular and that with certainty pay and give guarantees of continuity and seriousness.

The sites are:

NEOBUX – online since 2008

clixsense – online since 2007

Once registered on both sites you can see advertisements, participate in surveys and perform mini-jobs and activities.

The real difference is that Neobux allows you to rent referrals, while Clixsense only allows direct referrals, that is friends, acquaintances, or users who register on the site thanks to your advertising.

Both sites allow you to upgrade your membership by buying gold or premium memberships that entitle you to earn more with your work and that of the referred users.

How can you collect the money?

The money can be collected when certain thresholds are reached:

  • 2 Dollars for Neobux  which allows you to transfer the money earned on various platforms including Skrill, Payza, Neteller, and Paypal ;
  • 8 Dollars for Clixsense, which allows you to move your earnings to Paypal, Neteller, Payza, Tango Card, and PayTo or.

How can earnings be increased?

The only way to earn with these sites is the constancy in clicking, the continuous investment of what is earned, and the creation of a real network of affiliates who work like us in a determined and continuous way.

Some manage to achieve encouraging results in a short time by guaranteeing a good additional income.

To get affiliates you can post your testimonials on sites, forums and convince friends and relatives to undertake this activity.


The PTC is certainly a way to make money online, perhaps one of those seemingly simple and immediate as well as making it less. Instead, I will try to get important figures also from this activity and I will keep you updated.

In the meantime, sign up for Neobux and Clixsense and try to find a way to maximize your income.

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