Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

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As a result of Ian’s work, “one of the team contacted me.” She didn’t reveal her link with Satoshi,
but she seemed to be under a lot of stress, “like they were living in a pressure cooker.”
Ian wondered about the Satoshi connection, but “all I had was this crazy person talking to me, and
this person knew quite a lot of stuff. So I was interested.”
They continued to communicate online until Ian “pretty much convinced myself, ‘yes, OK, I’m talking to
the Satoshi team now.’” But his correspondent wasn’t telling him: “She was definitely keeping that
secret. But I waited and waited and waited. And eventually she said, ‘You’ve got to meet Craig. He’s,you know, he’s a good guy.’”
This led to a meeting with Dr. Craig Wright in a London pub, where Ian unobtrusively put Craig through
his Satoshi paces: “I actually threw a bunch of test questions at him. Not that they sounded like test
questions, but they were tests that I constructed in my mind, three of them, and each one he just sailed through.”
Nothing was said on either side about Craig being Satoshi. But Ian felt the clincher was in a slightly
abrupt response from Craig that he believes revealed more than Craig had intended.
As they were parting, Ian told Craig that he and a group of his friends were trying to help Satoshi by
publicly offering support and arguing against the unmasking of Satoshi: “And I asked him directly, ‘can
you help me?’ And he said ‘no, I can’t help you.’ And it was so direct, it was so immediate that I realised he
was revealing himself in that answer because I caught him in having to say directly, no, he can’t help that—because he is Satoshi.”

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