Sunday, August 14th, 2022

Chen Shizhong sings Jiuhei sings and hits the face

Yesterday, a 46-second short video of Chen Shizhong, the commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, “singing without a hood, blushing, and singing” went viral on the Internet. Because the people at the dinner party did not maintain social distancing, no one in the audience was wearing a mask. Group Dong Zuo Guo Taiqiang was present, and many women were present to help pouring wine and serving cups. They were suspected of violating the epidemic prevention regulations and causing Internet fryer.

It was investigated last year that there were no local cases for more than 60 consecutive days, which was the time of the “anti-epidemic new life.” However, the command center directed that “the public should wear masks if they cannot maintain 1.5 meters indoors.” This is indeed a violation by Minister Azhong. .

Chen Shizhong issued a statement late last night stating that the meeting time was on June 15 last year, during the non-level 3 alert period. The meeting was a temporary invitation by a friend and arrived late, so he only briefly greeted him and left after singing 2 songs.

After reviewing Chen Shizhong’s itinerary in June last year, the command center was presided over by Zhuang Renxiang at 14:00 on the same day. It was true that there were no local cases for 64 days. However, there were 2 overseas transfers confirmed that day, breaking the 13-day record of no confirmed cases.

The command center said in a press release on June 4 last year, “At present, the domestic epidemic is under stable control. If no more local cases are added in the near future, domestic community epidemic prevention measures will be relaxed after June 7. The public should continue to implement the epidemic prevention new life campaign and implement social Distance and personal hygiene protection, and cooperate with the industry to implement joint system, body temperature monitoring and other epidemic prevention operations, internalize epidemic prevention into daily habits, and jointly continue to maintain community safety.”

Among them, there are no more than 8 people per table, and at least one of the following measures should be taken, such as seat partitions, meal stamping, male chopsticks and female spoons/personal dishes, individual meals.

In June last year, the command center promoted the “New Life of Epidemic Prevention”

In June last year, the domestic epidemic situation was relatively stable. On June 8th, the command center announced the appropriate release of the “anti-epidemic new life movement”. For this reason, Chen Shizhong went to Taipei 101, Kenting, Chiayi, Tainan, Hsinchu and other places to “demonstrate” a new life of epidemic prevention. He also goes to the cinema to watch movies, but he wears a mask in places where social distancing cannot be maintained, such as Kenting Street.

According to the command center’s guidelines for the “New Life of Epidemic Prevention”, “I hope people can participate in various outdoor activities with confidence while maintaining personal epidemic prevention measures (washing hands frequently, being unable to maintain social distancing, and wearing masks when taking public transportation). Outdoor concerts, art performances and sports events, or engaging in outings, sports, travel and other activities that are beneficial to physical and mental health. When people go out to restaurants or vendors to dine, they can choose appropriate dining distances, partitions, and set meals The store enjoys the food.

While enjoying the vacation time, you still need to implement good personal hygiene habits such as frequent hand washing, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette. When going out, you should maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters indoors and 1 meter outdoors. If you cannot maintain it, you should wear a mask. “

According to the anti-epidemic regulations, although it was not mandatory to wear a mask at the time, as a commander, Chen Shizhong went to places where social distancing could not be maintained to gather for dinner and sing. It was a big blow.

What kind of epidemic prevention regulations did Chen Shizhong violate? Relevant people in the command center dare not say anything, and can only wait for him to explain it in person at the news conference on the epidemic. (Life Center/Taipei Report)

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